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flatwhite Thu 14-Feb-13 19:10:00

I know the most amazing child minder in Hitchin. She looked after our little boy when he was 1 for 10 months till we moved to Shenley.
I still feel emotional when I think of saying goodbye to her.
I am very pro attachment parenting and she gave our boy do much love and attention.
How can I send you her details?

workymum Wed 06-Feb-13 12:23:15


I'm new to Mumsnet so reaching out to you all to help with some info please......myself and family looking to move to Hitchin in the next few months. I'm full time mum so looking for recommendations on CM's and SMALL nurseries. Ideally looking close to the station (of course!) but worried with some of the posts I've seen here re: Millennium/ Wonderland Montessori Nursery and this seems to be the only one!

Also, seen some threads on here regarding the areas not to live in within Hitchin, I thought it was basically avoid Sunnyside but if anybody could reiterate before I get the total fear and stay put in Finchley, that would really put my mind at rest too!

Thanks in advance

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