Mandeville primary in St Albans - yay or nay?

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SaintAlban Fri 18-Jan-13 17:17:38

We are very unhappy with our current primary (dcs are in Year 2 and 4) and are looking for an immediate change.
One possible choice is Mandeville. I know it has a bad reputation, but it is also an outstanding school and just turned into an academy.
Do anybody's dcs attend Mandeville? What is it like?

metoomum Fri 18-Jan-13 18:57:12

I have friends with dc there who are very happy with it.

Chrysanthemum12 Tue 22-Jan-13 15:37:06

I don't think it has a bad reputation now, although it certainly used to. I know it has a very mixed intake but personally I would view that favourably. Quite honestly you need to go and look round and talk to the Head.

Mummysmurfy Mon 28-Jan-13 17:31:19

A big YAY!!!! Incredible school, incredible teachers and amazing children.

honeywebb Sun 03-Feb-13 19:07:31

Have you spoken to your children's current Head? Always a good idea first. Have you considered any other local schools?

SaintAlban Mon 04-Feb-13 16:43:08

Thanks for all your answers!
We have finally managed to solve the problems at our current school and don't think we need to change any more.

I am quite impressed with all the good things I have heard about Mandeville both online and offline!

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