Relocation advice: Your thoughts please

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relocate2Where Fri 11-Jan-13 16:34:07

Hello all,

We have been living in Brentwood, Essex for just over an year now.
We are now considering moving to somewhere else (where, is the big question, of course),
I would be grateful for any suggestions/tips/advice/places to avoid ...

Thanks a lot

1) The key trigger for moving is that it is hard to get value-for-money in Brentwood, as it is in the London commuter belt.
DH works in Basildon, Essex and am SAHM at the moment; So, proximity to London is not a criteria at the moment. We pay 950 for a
tiny two bed flat and even pushing the budget upto 1250 doesn't take you too far.

2) We are looking for 3 bed accomodation in a decent, safe locality, not too far from town/city centre. To rent,
initially and may be buy in the long run

3) Want a wider choice of activities/play school for DD, who is 19 months now. In particular, looking for Montessori/Steiner
type of schools to start her off, when she turns 2.

4) In terms of places, DH is happy to commute upto 40 mins; he travels away a lot for work anyways.
THe places we are considering: Cambridge, St Albans, Bishops Strotford;
Equally, we are also considering places like Guildford, ...

I know, I know, ..

It is just this thing of wanting to give up the nomadic life that we have been living and have some semi-permanency or some semblance of that :-)

We have lived in Cambridge and BS, in the past. And as such, like Cambridge better. But, that was from the eyes of a student and not as a parent.
So, would love to hear parent's views on Cambridge as about
any other places that you can think of and/or have experience of

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