Anyone thinking of selling their house in Croxley? We need a house!

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LargeHadron Fri 02-Nov-12 15:46:10

I'm new to this site so hello to everyone reading this!
We've been trying to find a house in Croxley for ages but we've not had much luck. As we're in the run-up to Christmas now, the market's going pretty flat so it's even harder at the moment. We have a buyer for our house who's now been waiting 6 weeks for us to find somewhere!
We've got a couple of specific requirements and all the suitable houses get snapped up before we can come to look at them or they need substantial building work which we can't afford.
We're a family with 2 young kids and an elderly MIL and we're after a 3, but preferably 4, bed house with two downstairs reception rooms and a downstairs bathroom or space to put a bathroom in. One of the reception rooms would be MIL's living/sleeping area and the other would be our living room, so they both need to be a decent size.
Regarding price, we can pay from £360k-£390k for a house that needs building work to meet our needs, or up to £450k for the right house in the right area (Rickmansworth School catchment).
Are you thinking of selling in the near future and think your house sounds like the sort of thing we're after, or do you know anyone who is?
This may seem like a strange request, but we've seen pretty much all houses in Croxley within our price range with no luck and our buyers aren't going to wait forever! We love Croxley and really don't want to have to look anywhere else.
Thanks for listening!

netherstowey Wed 06-Feb-13 16:50:07

Hi, I've only just joined so the reply is late...
Most of the houses near Rickmansworth school of the size you need seem to be about £500,000 at the moment, and they sell! There are some over a million now near the school. Rickmansworth has 18 places each year for pupils living close.Close seems to be very close indeed--less than half a mile. One family has moved recently to a house in the lane opposite the school , hoping for a place. Most places are academic or musical and of course siblings have a place,as in most schools. I believe there are over 800 applications for places this September, but you need to adjust chances taking account of siblings.
You need to look in Harvey Road, Watford Road, Bateman Road, Yorke Road, The Green, Elmcote Way and Windmill Drive estate . It will depend on numbers.

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