parking for Roller City at the Campus

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mckenzie Sat 30-Jun-12 20:02:13

DD is going to a party tomorrow and I figured I'd go shop in Welwyn while I what smile. Does anyone know how much parking is at the Roller City? Would I be better off parking there and walking back to the shops or parking in the Howard Centre or John Lewis and walking over to Roller City. It will be for a three hour period as they are lunching after the skating.


PersonalClown Sat 30-Jun-12 20:09:56

Sunday parking is £1 in the Campus West and the Howard Centre for all day.
310 space at Roller City, hundreds in HC.

Shouldn't be a problem either way.

mckenzie Sat 30-Jun-12 20:43:15

thanks PC. Pleae may i also ask how long the walk will be if I park at the Howard and walk over? With a 7 year old in tow smile?

PersonalClown Sat 30-Jun-12 21:24:24

Sorry just noticed you answered!

10 minutes walk tops. Lived here all my life. Through the Howard Centre across to John Lewis and over the large roundabout/green.

mckenzie Sat 30-Jun-12 21:53:18

thanks again. I might park in the Howard Centre then as thats what I usually do and then i won't get lost grin.

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