Nearly New Sale in Stansted

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GailTheGoldfish Sun 22-Apr-12 14:44:12

Hi, I have seen a few signs up advertising an NCT Nearly New Sale at the Hilton in Stansted on Sunday 29th April. Is anyone else thinking of going along? I live in Stansted Mountfitchet, I'm 27 weeks, it'd be nice to hear from anyone else who is local smile

Flowerhead Sun 22-Apr-12 17:16:53

Hi gailthefishtail, I live in stansted too and am 18 weeks, I am going to the nearly new sale too, would be good to hook up with someone local to share mummy stuff sometime. Let me know if you fancy a coffee.

GailTheGoldfish Sun 22-Apr-12 18:19:53

Brilliant! That sounds lovely Flowerhead and thanks for replying. I saw that you had posted on a thread a week or so ago and I sent you a private message through the "message poster" option - did it come through? I might not have done it right! Will try again.

Anyone else around here?

GailTheGoldfish Mon 23-Apr-12 11:07:50

Flowerhead I replied to your PM, thanks for that, let me know if you don't get it!

Kveta Mon 23-Apr-12 11:16:27

I'm in Stortford, and 34 weeks tomorrow (With my second though). not going to any NNS, as my bank balance can't take it this time round grin

if you are interested in more good deals on baby stuff, there are some FB sites called Secondo, based in CM postcodes, which are worth joining. lots of pushchairs, cots, clothes,a nd toys for sale second hand.

the sure start centre in Stansted Mountfitchett used to do an exercise class for new mums btw, which is well worth looking in to - you take your baby along and use them as a weight, it's great fun grin

Flowerhead Mon 23-Apr-12 11:58:01

Doesn't look like I am getting your pm's sad

GailTheGoldfish Wed 02-May-12 22:31:25

Hi Kveta, thanks for that info, I will have a look - still have lots to buy!

NKc86aa2fX11ffbdf4903 Mon 28-Jan-13 21:42:58

Hi I hope you don't mind me jumping on board so late but I am looking to relocate to stansted mountifichet with my family and I am looking for any advice that I can get on the area. Also would be lovely to make a couple of friends that we could build friendships with ready for when we arrive smile any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kristy x

OliviaMumsnetHerts Thu 31-Jan-13 09:55:43

Hi Kristy
Welcome to MN
There is lots going on round here. WHen will you be moving?

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