Friends wanted!

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extremepie Mon 26-Mar-12 11:50:49

Ok, this is probably going to make me sound really sad but I have lived in Watford most of my life and I am feeling quite isolated as I don't have many friends sad

None of the people I went to school with have kids and have kinda stopped talking to me since I got a life and responsibilities so I was wondering if there is anyone out there in the area with DC's who I might live close to and have a bit more in common with?

I have 2 boys 5 & 4, younger one has autism so it can be difficult getting out and about to some places (he doesn't really like crowds!).

Itt would just be really nice to chat to someone who knows what its like!

Ambrosius Mon 26-Mar-12 11:58:59

Hi I live in Watford and I have no friends! ;) Been here a year and a half and I'm a SAHM so don't get the opportunity to meet people often.
I have a 2.6 yo boy and I live in Garston/ Woodside.
PM me if you fancy meeting up smile

chuckeyegg Thu 29-Mar-12 13:07:38

Hello I am in St Albans and have a 5 year old with autism. I'm away for Easter but could meet up some time if you like.

Chezzy1971 Thu 27-Sep-12 12:43:51

Hi there, I have 5 children and live in stanmore which is close to Watford like yourselfi have a boy with autism but he is nearly 11 and I know what it feels like to be on your own. At the moment I feel the same as have twin girls aged 2 and a handful! Would like some adult company and a friend!

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