St christophers

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Vonbone Sat 24-Mar-12 21:47:05

Hi peep, please can I have all local views on this school, considering moving 4 children there so it needs to be the right school

MsGee Mon 09-Apr-12 15:17:43

I live close to the school and looked round for DD, also have friends children who go there. I loved the Montessori nursery, primary was lovely but less keen on seniors.

The school has a v particular approach - liberal, no uniform, call teachers first names, don't think there are many rules ... Lots of celebs kids go there.

Personally I thought DD would be happy there in primary but the secondary students seemed a bit pretentious. And the vast majority of sixth formers go on to art college. Which is fine in itself but I find it odd that SO many students want to study art. Iirc from the brochure I had one student went to Uni to study science.

So very much a personal preference....

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