Can you recommend a sports centre / gym / swimming pool in mid-Herts for me please?

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HolofernesesHead Tue 06-Mar-12 14:45:17

Hi there, I am moving to mid-Herts soon (sort of near Welwyn Garden City / St Albans) and trying to sort out the billion things you need when you move! grin

The one thing I'm not finding on google is a good gym / pool / leisure centre. Do you know of a good one in mid-Herts? I'd v much appreciate suggestions - thank you! smile

HolofernesesHead Wed 07-Mar-12 16:31:43

bump for anyone who knows mid-Herts! smile

MrsJohnDeere Wed 07-Mar-12 16:38:06

North Herts has facilities at Hitchin (pool) and Letchworth (leisure centre and pool). I'm sure there must be something nearer Welwyn though. Hitchin pool has vile changing rooms and showers. Letchworth has ok showers but vile loos. I avoid both like the plague!
Slightly further afield, there is a fabulous looking pool and leisure centre being built in Stopsley (edge of Luton, going towards Hitchin), due to open this summer.

Curlylox Sat 14-Apr-12 17:03:06

Have you looked at Gosling Sports Park in WGC?

browneyesblue Sun 15-Apr-12 01:29:51

I don't know how they compare, but there's the Hertfordshire Sports Village, the Hatfield Swim Centre & Gym and David Lloyd - they are all in Hatfield, so close to St Albans & WGC, and all have pools and gyms.

lisad123 Thu 26-Apr-12 18:56:23

Gosling has everything you could need

PersonalClown Thu 26-Apr-12 18:58:47

Gosling is lovely but a bit pricey for me. Pool isn't large but you can still get a good few strokes in it.

Fabulous Pilates studio next door!

HolofernesesHead Fri 25-May-12 21:16:18

thanks all - just seen these posts blush

Moving soon - eeek and hooray! smile

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