swimming pool/classes for under 3 ?

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Miel36 Thu 02-Feb-12 17:33:17

Back in San Francisco i use to take Trystan at the time when we started he was6 months old to a baby/mummy swim class ( to get the babies use to the water and teach parents safety procedure arounds water etc..) Now he is 2 years old and 3 month and will love for him to continue some kind of swimming class ...?
Any idea where i could go ?
thanks .

Ducktor Mon 06-Feb-12 19:36:56

Angela's Aquabears run swimming classes on a Saturday morning at Marlborough School for all age ranges. We take our daughter who is 17 months.


Miel36 Tue 07-Feb-12 17:09:34

oh thank you ...saturday will be perfect !

justhayley Sun 30-Sep-12 17:31:13

Hiya there's classes everyday run from newborn at the quality hotel on London road. The pool is small and heated - perfect for lessons. Three companies teach there - little fishes, Swimtime and water babies. I take my 5 month old to Swimtime but little fishes is cheaper so may swap next term - plus they have more time slots available. Water babies is the Sunday class. Xx

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