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mummy to be with questions...

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kirank Wed 01-Feb-12 19:29:56


I am fairy new to Hitchin and work in Harrow full time!...I wondered if there are many other mums to be in hitchin or nearby??...I am only 4 months gone, and loving my growing bump!...just be nice to share experiences and get to know others in same situation...
I also wondered if anyone knew of any yoga, pilates classes in hitchin that anyone knows of??

Thanks Kiran

Quenelle Tue 14-Feb-12 16:18:37

Hi kirank, if you're still there, and congratulations on your pregnancy. I don't live in Hitchin any more but I can help you a little bit with your questions.

There is a very good pregnancy yoga class here at the Friends Meeting House near Waitrose overlooking Brand Street every Thursday.

I think the local children's centres are very good too. There are three in Hitchin (Oughton is the Westmill area of Hitchin). Most of them do a baby and bump group where you can get to meet other mums to be.

kirank Thu 16-Feb-12 22:42:02

Hi Quenelle, thanks very much for your reply. Thats really helpful, I have signed up for some yoga classes due to start in march so am really looking forward to that!

I didn't think to go to the childrens centres but will have a look and see what they offer...

Take care

Quenelle Fri 17-Feb-12 11:26:42

You're welcome. Good luck with everything smile

MummyYardz Sat 25-Feb-12 16:47:47

Hi Kiran and congratulations on your pregnancy! Sorry bit late responding here but as an alternative to pregnancy yoga have you heard of Daisy Birthing? Have a look at There are classes locally xx

eziite Sun 26-Feb-12 09:06:18

hi, Kiran,

I'm also currently 4 months pregnant and we are planning to move to Hitchin / Letchworth area at the start of summer (when my first one finishes school in London).

We were just in Hitchin & Letchworth yesterday to look around area and I found it quite nice. Would be nice to meet up next time we are there or when we move.


kirank Wed 07-Mar-12 17:57:52

Thanks mummyyardz I will have a look, I did manage to find some yoga. Classes close by mamababybliss.

Hi gita, yeah sure if your moving this way would be great to meet up!

Sorry for the delay in responses!


Hitchingal Sat 07-Jul-12 21:37:47

Hi krank, there are also Saturday morning pregnancy pilates classes at the Pilates Pod (they have a website if you google them) I do regular classes there and can highly recommend it! smile

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