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Schafe Sun 04-Sep-11 22:52:23

I have a 3 year old and a 6 month old baby, and I moved from London to Hitchin in September of last year. I'd really like to get a mumsnet regular meet up going if there is not one already. Are there any mumsnetters out there with children of similar(ish) ages who might fancy a coffee/ a chat? Especially (though this is by no means a requirement) anyone who has previously been living in the big smoke.

I can offer the presence of 2 (count them) friends that I have already acquired in the locality, but I am looking to expand my friend base as recent holiday arrangements left me bereft.

maples Sun 01-Apr-12 16:05:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

caramellokoalalover Sat 24-Mar-12 21:39:04

Hi twittergirl, congrats on your baby girl! I'm moving over Easter and would love to meet up once the dust settles. Hoping to go to the April LMN meet up too. How are you liking Hitchin? I'm excited about the move but a little nervous at the same time smile

twittergirl Wed 14-Mar-12 20:40:44

Hi Caramello, I moved to Hitchin from N London about 6 months ago and also have a 3 yr old boy and a 4 week old girl. Am currently on maternity leave so trying to make friends/fill my days. When are you moving? Let me know if you want to meet. I am also hoping to go to the LMN night out, baby allowing.

caramellokoalalover Thu 08-Mar-12 21:34:08

Hi there, wondering if I can butt in? I'm moving to Hitchin in a few weeks from N London & don't know anyone so am scared out of my wits that I'll be spending my days alone in Starbucks. I've got a 3 yr old boy & a 10mth old girl, who I can pretend to look very busy with while I sip my coffee wink

Will also check out the Facebook group & come to their next meet up too.

Signed, slightly desperate of (soon-to-be) Hitchin

twittergirl Thu 19-Jan-12 08:34:11

I might try and go too but am v pg at the mo so it depends if I have the energy!

vezzie Wed 18-Jan-12 13:53:49

Hi twittergirl, thanks for posting that link - I'm on there now and will be attending the launch thingy that's on 3 Feb.

twittergirl Thu 12-Jan-12 15:51:42

Agree, a Facebook group would be so much easier if that's allowed. Also, have you come across this group? I've found it quite useful for local info -

pinkois Wed 11-Jan-12 20:51:10

I do find this messageboard so annoying, i just want to message everyone, and be informed about it, will mumsnet allow me to suggest we set up a facebook group (if everyone is on facebook that is) instead?? Much easier way to keep in touch i feel. Let's see if this post makes it through...

twittergirl Sat 07-Jan-12 17:24:02

Can't do afternoons just now as I don't start mat leave for another few weeks but will hopefully make the next meet up.

vezzie Fri 06-Jan-12 21:48:44

Hi pinkois, everyone, we'd be up for meeting one afternoon next week. Early afternoons aren't great for us but a little later would be lovely - or whatever suits you all.

pinkois Fri 06-Jan-12 21:25:06

Right, Schafe, everyone, let us make this happen. How about three moorhens again, one afternoon next week??? I can do most except Weds
Laura xx

nappymaestro Fri 06-Jan-12 21:05:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vezzie Wed 04-Jan-12 20:49:20

Hello! I've just moved to Letchworth with dd1 (2.8) and dd2 (9 mo). I'm on maternity leave and would be very interested in meeting people with dcs I could introduce mine to - and of course coffee-portunities for me. Anyone up for caffeine?

twittergirl Fri 30-Dec-11 23:20:26

Hello all, just to say I am going on mat leave for my second child at the end of Jan so will also be a full time mum in 2012 and would still love to meet up.

Schafe Thu 22-Dec-11 20:32:40

Holy c@ap! I am now a full time mum (last day at work ever). Has anyone suggested a January meeting time? #desperateofhitchin.


ps I have no idea what #wordsneedesslyjoinedtogether means...

nicecupofteaandahobnob Thu 15-Dec-11 20:14:44

Would love to join you next year, if you all still about? Have a 7 month old, and still feeling pretty new to the area. We are off home for Christmas, but back in time for New Years. In the meantime, have a fab holiday! Xxx

tootiredforxyz Mon 05-Dec-11 19:21:32

Pinkois I have PM'd you regards meeting up tomorrow.

pinkois Wed 30-Nov-11 21:14:17

yes we can do tuesday afternoon too!

tootiredforxyz Wed 30-Nov-11 10:34:00

Can't do Monday, thou we could do Tues (6th) in the afternoon if anyone's around? Say from 2-2.30?

spottydogpencilcase Tue 29-Nov-11 19:08:13

I could meet for an hour or so, meant to be working from home !

pinkois Tue 29-Nov-11 15:14:22

Would be nice to meet up again soon, how about next Monday instead?

spottydogpencilcase Mon 28-Nov-11 21:15:30

Sorry I couldn't make it either.... had to work.... let me know when the next one is!

tootiredforxyz Mon 28-Nov-11 12:06:09

Hello, sorry we won't make it today after all. I've caught E's virus and not feeling 100%. So sorry for the late notice. Hope to meet up with you soon. I've name changed from eyesarehurting btw...

pinkois Sun 27-Nov-11 21:50:51

Hi all
I have a bed being delivered tomorrow afternoon so depending on what time it arrives I may or may not be around

tootiredforxyz Sat 26-Nov-11 18:23:52

Ladies, are we still up for meeting Monday afternoon? (Soft play...?) Open to other ideas... We could get there for 2/2.30...

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