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Schafe Sun 04-Sep-11 22:52:23

I have a 3 year old and a 6 month old baby, and I moved from London to Hitchin in September of last year. I'd really like to get a mumsnet regular meet up going if there is not one already. Are there any mumsnetters out there with children of similar(ish) ages who might fancy a coffee/ a chat? Especially (though this is by no means a requirement) anyone who has previously been living in the big smoke.

I can offer the presence of 2 (count them) friends that I have already acquired in the locality, but I am looking to expand my friend base as recent holiday arrangements left me bereft.

fishmother Mon 24-Oct-11 19:26:37

hello, schafe and I were going to meet up this sunday afternoon [31st] if any of you fancied it?

nicecupofteaandahobnob Sat 29-Oct-11 12:42:26

All sounds perfect :-D Would there be room for for any more? (Emily and Amber, 38 and 6 months old!) Just moved here too. Hope to hear soon Xxx

nicecupofteaandahobnob Sun 30-Oct-11 11:20:31

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

fishmother Sun 30-Oct-11 16:24:42

sorry, events just conspired against today! Will try again for a couple of weeks time, and I think Schafe might try and organise a weekday one - I work full time ;(

Schafe Mon 31-Oct-11 06:15:54

Oh and I am back in the room...

Does anyone else hate BST? Anyway I digress. Have been finishing off a course I've been doing, and no, it seems I have learnt nothing about time management in the 17 years between my degree and now... Great to hear there are lots more of you out there! Can anyone do either Friday 11th November or Sunday 13th November? Hope so!


OhTinky Mon 31-Oct-11 07:44:12

Hello there!

I'm moving to Hitchin this weekend from North London. I still have a few weeks til I go back to work (full-time in London) and my 9m daughter is registered at a nursery in Hitchin.

Glad to hear there is mummy meet up activity in Hitchin, I know nobody in the area! Hitchin looks lovely though and very kiddy friendly smile

fishmother Mon 31-Oct-11 20:20:02

BST is a con. I could put up with the pain if we actually got a summer out of it, but do we eh eh?

anyway, put me down for the 13th.

twittergirl Thu 03-Nov-11 14:30:17

Hello OhTinky and Pinkois,

I have also recently (3 months ago) moved from N London. Whereabouts were you before? We were in Finchley.

OhTinky - which nursery will your daughter go to? My son is at Wonderland.

Like I said in my earlier message, I am available most Fridays and can often do Sat or Sun as well. Would love to meet you all!

eyesarehurting Tue 08-Nov-11 08:13:46

Can I join you? I have a 2.5 yo ds and one on the way... WLTM other Hitchin mums. Have also recently absconded from the big smoke. Don't know many people either...

I could do this Friday after 2.30... Are you still meeting up?

pinkois Tue 08-Nov-11 21:10:20

Hello everyone
Is Friday still happening?

Beets27 Wed 09-Nov-11 10:50:36

Hello everyone, am new to the site and wanted to say hello!!

I'm 31 years old and have a daughter who's 7 and has just started Purwell Primary.

Have recently moved to Hitchin from Dagenham and I work full time in London but would love to meet up with other mums in my spare time which at the moment is just the weekends. I love it here in Hitchin but I dont have many friends! sad

It would be lovely to get chatting to you all and maybe some of you might be able to point me in the right direction for finding someone to look after my daughter and drop her off/pick up from school everyday. I have no clue where to look and as I'm new to the area it all feels a bit daunting!

Anyway, hope to speak to you all soon.

Take care for now xxxxxxxx

Schafe Wed 09-Nov-11 13:08:17

How about:

Friday 2.30pm and Sunday 2.30pm at the same place?

Shout if you don't like the venue (they are happy to have kids in all areas (I checked) I've not been there but it looks nice from the website.

I will have a copy of the latest Janet Evanovich in my hand (coz I'm a literary giant like that...)


twittergirl Wed 09-Nov-11 15:00:43

I can't make it on Friday but will be there on Sunday. I might be a bit late but will get there as soon as I can.

I will be the short, very pregnant woman with a 3 year old boy in tow.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Beets27 Wed 09-Nov-11 16:46:49

Would it be ok for me to join you on the Sunday one?


eyesarehurting Wed 09-Nov-11 20:43:50

I can make it. I'll be bringing my 2.5 yr old ds Ethan. Im dark, with glasses and pregnant... See you there, Sarah

OhTinky Thu 10-Nov-11 22:02:26

Hi all, I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can make tomorrow (deffo can't do Sun unfortunately) but I'm spending tomorrow waiting for a delivery (expected anytime between 7am - 7pm, how helpful angry ) if I do attend I'll have a baby in a blue pram smile

Hope to meet you all!

pinkois Fri 11-Nov-11 12:10:18

hello, i will def be there too, see you later!
laura and zoe

OhTinky Fri 11-Nov-11 14:08:34

Boo, deffo can't come along today - waiting for washing machine between 3 and 7 which is poop, not least because I'm getting cabin fever stuck indoors!

Can somebody with technological know-how set up a Hitchin mums Facebook group as I'd definitely join! Hope your get-togethers today and Sun go well


eyesarehurting Sat 12-Nov-11 05:19:51

Good to see shafe, lottie, maddie, Laura, Zoe, belinda and Charlotte today. Belinda - I hope we didn't make you late! It was good to meet some Hitchin mums, and you all seemed quite normal which was great. You do hear a few horror stories...!

Belinda, I know you're around on Thursday mornings, we should meet up. Though I know that doesn't fit with your work, Shafe... I can be around most Monday pm's too...

Er.. Maybe I've just outted you all, I just don't know how to PM several people at once... Can you do that?

twittergirl Sat 12-Nov-11 22:13:22

Are some of you still up for meeting tomorrow afternoon? I will be there if you will be!

Schafe Sat 12-Nov-11 23:27:44

Hi Twittergirl! Meet tomorrow still happening. Fishmother & myself will definitely be there. It would be great to see you & Beets27.

Lovely to meet everyone on Friday. Monday PM's sound good earsarehurting. Let me know which you can do.


fishmother Sun 13-Nov-11 07:47:33

Yep, definitely up for meeting this afternoon. Nicecupoftea is coming too she said. Should be fun, see you later.

twittergirl Sun 13-Nov-11 07:59:47

Great! See you all later on then.

pinkois Sun 13-Nov-11 11:20:10

Hi all
It was lovely to meet some of you on Friday
We can do Monday pm's too and some Thursday mornings.
Sarah did you go to see the house on Talbot St? :-)
Can't make this afternoon but see you soon hopefully!
Laura and Zoe xxx

twittergirl Sun 13-Nov-11 14:00:52

Just a quick note to say we still intend to come but my son is napping just now and needs something to eat when he wakes so it all depends on when he wakes up. Hopefully we will just be there a bit late.

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