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Schafe Sun 04-Sep-11 22:52:23

I have a 3 year old and a 6 month old baby, and I moved from London to Hitchin in September of last year. I'd really like to get a mumsnet regular meet up going if there is not one already. Are there any mumsnetters out there with children of similar(ish) ages who might fancy a coffee/ a chat? Especially (though this is by no means a requirement) anyone who has previously been living in the big smoke.

I can offer the presence of 2 (count them) friends that I have already acquired in the locality, but I am looking to expand my friend base as recent holiday arrangements left me bereft.

AlisyasMummy Mon 05-Sep-11 07:51:10

Hi, I am first time mummy to a 7 month old baby girl, so similar age to your youngest. I have never lived or even been to London but recently moved to Hitchin in October. Before this I last lived in Cyprus for 2 years, where I met my oh, and originally I am from Manchester.

I would love for there to be a regular meetup in Hitchin as most the mums I ahve met are in Letchworth which being a non-driver can sometimes be difficult with buses and money!

vicky and alisya x

fishmother Mon 05-Sep-11 13:44:32


I'd be up for that. I have a 9 month old who is very sociable, I live just outside Hitchin and I used to live in London [a few areas, but mostly West London].

I do however work full time [in London] and my OH works away during the week so my options for getting out and about are a bit limited. I do have days off quite often, and sunday afternoons after the OH has gone off west are always good for me though.

Unfortunately being new to the area and working full time means I cannot offer any m&b friends of my own. (I have friends in other areas of the country so I don't think I'm too unlikeable)

Will I do?

Schafe Wed 07-Sep-11 21:04:51

Fishmother, Alisya

I've considered your applications with interest and with both of you having both a child and a pulse, you're in!

Should we try a Sunday afternoon to set the ball rolling? Aliysa does that work for you?


AlisyasMummy Thu 08-Sep-11 09:37:10

Yes sunday afternoons are fab for me within hitchin smile oh can't have sundays off and buses are very limited so we tend to be stuck in most sundays! x

AlisyasMummy Thu 08-Sep-11 09:37:46

oh i think I better say also.. My name is Vicky and my daughter is Alisya xx smile

Schafe Thu 08-Sep-11 22:09:50

Groan! Hence AlisyasMummy...

And Groan again, because the first Sunday I can do is the 2nd October. Can you both do 2nd Oct? I will check out venues and post again. Vicky - if you want to meet up on a weekday before then just shout.

BTW My name is Kate.

AlisyasMummy Fri 09-Sep-11 10:41:13

I cant do 2nd october. we are getting our daughter christened in romania (my partners home country) so will be away from 25th sept - 9th oct.

Only days I have definite busies on is tues morn (tilehouse toddlers) weds morn (baby group) and friday afternoon (purwell toddlers). I can do any other time/ day between now and going away. or if you get this before, then you could always pop up to purwell community room (its in the school's grounds) this afternoon. both your 2 are welcome there and its free, no booking required. Its on from 2pm - 3.30pm and there's always a health visitor too x

fishmother Sat 10-Sep-11 20:08:37


Schafe -have sent you a pm. Would the morning of the 21st be any good, I'm not working that morning.

AlisyasMummy Sat 10-Sep-11 22:17:00

21st september? if it is, im fine with that. weve now been moved on from baby group so wednesday mornings have become free x

Schafe Tue 13-Sep-11 10:01:03

Excellent, we are also free. Shall we say 10am?

AlisyasMummy Fri 16-Sep-11 10:39:44

10am is fne with me (sorry late reply) x

NMcat Sat 17-Sep-11 16:55:26


I've just joined mumsnet and I moved to Meldreth (near Royston) about a year ago. I have an 8 month old boy and would love to meet local mums as I don't know many people in the area.

I am back at work and only have Fridays off so quite limited on time.

Schafe Mon 19-Sep-11 20:22:31

Hi MNcat, I think we are going to meet day after tomorrow this time round, but we will bear in mind Fridays for next time, or even (scandalous) weekends, or even (utterly scandalous) in the evenings without them... I digress. I'll post again after we meet up.

On that note, my OH is at home on Wednesday, so he can take my first born swimming, and I can bring the easy second baby with me. So does this mean we could do a coffee shop (mine is not yet mobile), or could anyone suggest a good baby friendly place to meet?

Lemme know.

All the best

AlisyasMummy Mon 19-Sep-11 21:52:37

I know 10am has been said, but where? lol.. I have to get alisya weghed wednesday morning but as they are open from 930, 10 is perfect x

Schafe Mon 19-Sep-11 22:28:00

Starbucks. 10am. Boring but safe for our first meeting. Everyone welcome.

AlisyasMummy Wed 21-Sep-11 19:12:52

i really am sorry about not turning up today sad sick baby, sick oh and go away sunday!!! ahhh why do things like to go wrong so soon before sad doctors tomorrow! x

Schafe Wed 21-Sep-11 20:26:31

Poor you. Don't worry about not turning up. I'll put my thinking cap on and suggest another meetup soon. Hope Alisya gets better soon.

MilkaB Fri 07-Oct-11 17:45:58

Just moved to Hitchin with a (mostly) smiley 5 month old. Might we be able to join you, as and when you next meet?

MilkaB Fri 07-Oct-11 17:49:05

Just moved to Hitchin with a (mostly) smiley 5 month old. Might we be able to join you, as and when you next meet? Was in Watford, and London before that ... and am now here, typing this, and surrounded by a gazillion cardboard boxes.

twittergirl Tue 18-Oct-11 16:38:27

Hello! Just wondering if I could butt in? I moved to Hitchin two months ago from London. I have a 3 year old and bump and would love to get to know more people. I work in London Mon-Thurs but am available most Fridays and weekends. Please let me know if you're planning a meet-up!

NMcat Fri 21-Oct-11 21:26:31

Schafe and all, sorry for being offline since Sept. Been quite hectic and fancied sleep over logging on.

I'm not free next week but could do something week after that on Friday so would give twittergirl a chance to meet up too if you wanted.

AlisyasMummy Sun 23-Oct-11 06:18:11

Id be free for the friday morning. does everyone have facebook? if you do i'm happy to set up a group on there? maybe wed all find it easier to keep up (i know i would!) xx

twittergirl Sun 23-Oct-11 22:32:14

Yep a Facebook group sounds like a good idea to me.

pinkois Sun 23-Oct-11 23:22:18

you mummies sound nice! i moved to hitchin last week from north london and know NO-ONE, can i join in? (I am Laura, 31 and have a 20month old daughter called Zoe). Hope to hear from you x

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