Before and afterschool childcare - Watford/Abbots Langley/Bedmond

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KatieB1974 Wed 31-Aug-11 10:37:34


We moved to Watford (Cassiobury area) at the start of the summer holidays and a few days ago found out that our 2 boys (going into Y3 and reception) having been allocated places at Bedmond Village Primary. Is there anyone out there who would be able to provide before and afterschool childcare 2 or 3 days a week - ideally both ends of the day on Tuesday and then maybe Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon .....? Either someone who is in the Bedmond/Abbots Langley/Kings Langley area, or someone who is in Watford but is able to do the school run to Bedmond?

I know it's a long shot - it was a shock when the school allocation came through as we were hoping for something a bit closer to home (not to mention a bit more time to get some childcare in place). Happy to consider something short-term (or different days to those listed above) - basically anything as we don't know anyone in the area and commute into London for work so I think it's going to be a challenging few months!

Any other ideas also welcome!


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