Any Hornchurch mums?

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sheerfashions Thu 21-Apr-11 19:21:26

I live in South Hornchurch with my Hub and 2 sons the eldest is in reception and second is 2. Im a self employed Accountant and also running a small business selling ball gowns "" it would be nice to meet other mums

Flowertots Mon 18-Oct-10 00:37:08

Oh dear this thread seems to have died

Claire508 Mon 12-Apr-10 17:37:14

Hi, I have a 21 month old and am free on Monday and Friday afternoons if you'd like to arrange a meet up.

Laura2Devon Thu 18-Mar-10 12:25:21

I have a 3 month old boy :D

Bubbaloo Wed 14-Oct-09 14:17:59

I live in Hornchurch with dh and our 2 boys.Our eldest has just started reception,so I now have alot more time on my hands,with our 2 year old,if anyone local would like to meet upsmile.
Please feel free to CAT me or reply on here-thanks

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