Support for parents with children with learning difficulties

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AnaFromTOTKO Wed 26-Sep-12 01:03:07

Hey all

Just wanted to drop in and flag up our new parents workshops we are currently pushing in Havering.

Dyslexia. Dyscalculia. Dyspraxia. ADHD. Autism. These are loaded words. When your child needs support with a learning disability, it often causes more questions than answers. It can be a real minefield for parents! So TOTKO has created Learning Disability Support Workshops, just for parents like you! So whether you suspect your child has dyslexia and are struggling to find support, or your child has diagnosed Autism and you just want a bit of a boost, we’ve got your back. Our workshops are geared towards helping you access the right support for your child, as well as tips, ideas and techniques for supporting your child outside of school.

We are going to be touring the towns and villages of Havering in the coming months and would love you to join us! Workshops are being at the “Havering Only” price of £5. Space is limited so drop us an email to to register your interest and book place. The first workshop is on the 23rd of October at Rainham Library from 7pm - 9pm.

You can find out more about the team at and get the behind the scenes inspirational stories at Dont forget to say hey on twitter @hellototko

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