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babyjohn Thu 23-Feb-12 16:45:19

hi looking for a weekend football, hurling, rugby etc. that dad and son can do together thanks

row78 Mon 27-Feb-12 14:57:20

Hi babyjohn, my son and his dad do football on a saturday here:

Nor sure how old your son is but mine is 3 and he loves it, and it's inside so it runs all year round.

Hope that helps!

babyjohn Thu 01-Mar-12 13:01:16

hi thanks for the help. my son is 5 and we just moved here so they are looking for stuff to do again at the weekend. thanks for the info x

jc1971 Tue 13-Mar-12 13:29:42

Upminster Rugby club runs every Sunday in Hall Lane Playing fields. They can start from age four with tag rugby. It is outside and runs through until about May and then they have summer training in about July. It is a friendly club and costs about £50 for the year but if he started now, he wouldn't pay until October.

jc1971 Tue 13-Mar-12 13:30:19

Forgot to add, my son also goes to Shining Stars and also loves it!

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