Crownfield Infant School, Romford

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shopaholicbaby Mon 21-Nov-11 20:33:17

Trying to choose schools and finding it tricky to decide - one, Crownfield has good open spaces, but tricky to get to in rush hour, another option is Mawney which I can get to in time after work (by 6pm) but not sure about available facilities. Can anyone shed any light on either of these schools, do you have a child at either one?

trioofgirls123 Wed 11-Jan-12 16:46:02

Not sure what you want to know but I have 3 girls that go to Crownfield Infant School and I find the teachers are very dedicated. The head mistress is always out getting the most for her school and for her children, she is so driven that I always feel inspired by what she does, she is a hands on person and this also reflects on the whole of the school. The shool runs after school clubs (French, Maths, Cookery Football, Yoga, Gardening to name a few) and many are free, as I have 3 children I find money very tight so this helps me and my children do not lose out. They keep chickens, Fluffy the rabbit and fish, they sell the chickens eggs to the parents who wish buy. There is lots more to this School. If you want to know anything give the School a ring they have contact number on the wesite and I know that they would have no problem talking with you.

I hope this helps the

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