Curves Gym

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terie5 Wed 21-Apr-10 19:24:30

Do any of you go to Curves? Would you recommend it?

headinclouds101 Sun 29-Aug-10 12:09:41


I see you posted this back in April. Did you join Curves. If so - how did you get on?
I am thinking of trying it out next month.

terie5 Wed 06-Oct-10 18:29:51

yes, i did join in may. so far, i'm happy with it as i can go when i want without being restricted to a particular time. the opening hours are not great and i can imagine that, with time, it can get quite tedious. but i do recommend it if you just want to tone up and feel a bit healthier. let me know what you decide!!

drsapna Fri 28-Oct-11 16:41:44

I used to go to Curves, Mill Hill branch, but left now. The main reason was the opening hours. If you are a full-time house wife / mum, it will suit you as you can go there according to their timings. But it is not so great for people who are working full-time, like me. At times, I could not even manage to go there for a minimum of three days a week. It seems to me that it is not worth for the money to have such a limited opening hours.

The staff is very friendly though and I appreciate their professionalism.

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