Recently pregnant. Anyone else in the same boat?

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littleredcorvette28 Wed 03-Mar-10 08:54:05

Hello.I am 6 wks pregnant and was wondering if anyone else was in the same position and wanted to chat/meet up/whatever. all my mates are either single or married with babies that were born ages ago so it would be cool to meet someone who is going through the same things as me; sore boobs, exhaustion, confusion etc

Poll32 Thu 04-Mar-10 16:04:46

Hello! I am almost 19 weeks pregnant, so not so recent, but not that far on either although in theory this is the start of 5 months which scares me!!! All my friends are either married with (young) children or are just married and there are a few single ones too. I am single so I have non-one to talk to and have no friends that are pregnant so it would be great to talk to someone that is too - especially as my hormones are all over that place!!
Whereabouts are you? I live near Rickmansworth

littleredcorvette28 Fri 05-Mar-10 11:00:28

Hey Poll, I'm in Pinner. What do you do? How was your 12 week scan then, I am really nervous about it

Poll32 Fri 05-Mar-10 17:33:27

Hello! I am a teacher for my sins!!! The 12 weeks scan was fine - a bit surreal when I saw the baby on the monitor. It was then I realised that it was real! You will be fine - have you got a scan date yet?

littleredcorvette28 Sat 06-Mar-10 15:25:43

no, went to the docs 10 days ago and still not got it. Think I will have to chase up soon. I am nervous about it but can't wait. What a coincidence, I am a teacher as well, secondary!

Poll32 Sat 06-Mar-10 22:48:53

I only found out I was pregnant when I was 5 weeks and didn't get the appointment for the dating scan until I was about week 9 or so (exact week I can't remember) so if you haven't received it yet, I wouldn't worry. It will come in the post. Perhaps, if in 2 or 3 and you still don't have it, then chase up... Try not to stress about getting the letter - you need to avoid stress, especially in the first 12 weeks. Although, I am a fine one to talk about avoiding stress! I should practice what I preach!! What do you teach? I teach English in an FE College. Do you teach in Pinner?

babyOcho Sat 06-Mar-10 22:54:35

DD is almost 2, but just want to say congratulations to you both.

Exciting times ahead!

littleredcorvette28 Mon 08-Mar-10 10:33:39

yeah, i know I shouldn't stress. Actually, I don't feel too stressed but got an awful cold, can't stop sneezing. Been off work for a few days as I am so tired with the pregnancy and cold. its getting me down.

I teach RS in Pinner, feeling guilty that I am not in work!! Have you decded where you are going to give birth yet?

littleredcorvette28 Mon 08-Mar-10 10:34:03

thank you!! Are you in Harrow also?

Poll32 Mon 08-Mar-10 20:50:08

Assuming I am near the hospital at the time, I am supposed to give birth in Watford General Hospital, but I don't want to think about that until I have to!!!
I live in Rickmansworth (so not too far from Harrow) and teach in Camden. Don't feel guilty for taking time off - I had two days off last week. I keep sneezing too - weird! I don't have a cold though!
The tiredness does get less....if that helps?

littleredcorvette28 Wed 10-Mar-10 10:20:22

It does, I am waiting for that to happen! Camden? Cool, I am off to the Camden Crawl in May, not sure how I will do it with a bump though!!! What kind of things do you get up to when you aren't working?

Poll32 Wed 10-Mar-10 20:02:02

Sleep!!! No, not always - do try to meet up with friends and maintain some form of life even though I can only stay up till about 9pm! What is the Camden Crawl? I occasionally go out in Camden, but usually with work people on a Friday evening. I simply refuse to go near the place at the weekend!!

I go to yoga (which I am late for!) and go swimming. Very much a going for cups of tea fan - praise be for Starbucks, Cafe Nero and the rest!!

What about you? Anyway, must go to that yoga although I am very comfortable on my sofa and lazy to move!

littleredcorvette28 Sat 13-Mar-10 08:51:06

Ha ha!! I know the feeling. I do yoga as well although being ill over the last couple of weeks has meant I haven't been much. The Camden crawl is a music festival, there are about 30 venues in camden playing live music for 2 days. You buy a ticket and can see as much as you want. Its fun but I am not sure i will have the energy to enjoy it properly this year!

I generally like eating out, films and am very into books - I normally read a huge amount but can't seem to focus at the mo. I'm studying for a masters degree in art history and am supposed to be wring an essay but going back to bed does seem preferable!

Poll32 Mon 15-Mar-10 19:28:03

Eating out - ah, I love going to restaurants - those money off vouchers are fab!! What book are you reading at the moment? Can you recommend any? I've just finished my book.

How's the essay writing going? Did you get any done?

How was your weekend?

I need to go and eat something!!

I can't wait for the Easter holidays - not too long to go

littleredcorvette28 Tue 16-Mar-10 18:45:58

I'm actually reading a couple of books at the mo, a really lame one for my book group about a cat- its called "Dewey" cos he was found in a library! I don't think I will finish it though!! Am also reading "Remarkable Creatures" by Tracey Chevalier which is good- if a little "Richard and Judy Book group!!"

My essay writing is... going, but I am bored of it now. Hand it in on Mon so at least it will be done! Got my midwife's letter- appointment on mon 29th so that'll be good! How was yours?

Yes, Easter, only 2 weeks and 2 days (not that I'm counting...)

What are your plans?

Poll32 Wed 17-Mar-10 21:37:10

That's good you got the letter - that will coming around quickly. How many weeks are you now? I've got my 20 week scan tomorrow (Thurs) in the morning.

I'm going away for some of the Easter weekend - going to Ipswich with my mum and dad and we're all staying in a posh hotel which will be lush - looking forward to that. I have to go to work in the 2nd week as I have paperwork to complete. Are you doing anything in the hols?

littleredcorvette28 Thu 18-Mar-10 18:48:55

going up to manchester for a few days at the beginning and then seeing a few people and relaxing(or trying to) Going to try and get into London to see a couple of exhibitions etc. Also, really need to go clothes (and bra) shopping! It'd be cool to meet up for dinner (use your vouchers)or something if you fancy.

Poll32 Fri 19-Mar-10 11:44:12

oooh, I never say no to dinner or food in general!!! Ha ha! I have a good excuse! Happy to meet somewhere locally - you're in Pinner aren't you? I can drive there as it's not too faraway. I like Manchester - haven't been there for ages. My friend did ask me up there so might see if I can squeeze it in!! I need new bras too, but am putting it off....

Poll32 Fri 19-Mar-10 11:45:02

I can drive further than Pinner - I mean I don't mind driving to you!!

littleredcorvette28 Sat 20-Mar-10 11:50:37

Pinner or Harrow on the Hill would both be cool. Actually, there is a really nice girlie tea room in harrow that might be nice. when are you free?

Poll32 Sat 20-Mar-10 13:03:24

Weekends are best as I am half-asleep in the evenings. I could do tomorrow (bit late notice I know) or sometime next weekend?

I don't know the place in Harrow, but it sound's nice. What's it called?

littleredcorvette28 Mon 22-Mar-10 17:02:03

Hi Poll, sorry- just got your message now! The place in Harrow on the Hill is called the Doll's House- its on the High Street. Could do Sat 3rd or Sun 4th as I am at a wedding this weekend (I don't know what I am going to wear though, I am so bloated I can't fasten anything up!!)Can you make either of those dates?

Poll32 Thu 25-Mar-10 18:51:45

Hello, I could probably do Sat 3rd - it's my brother's birthday, but I doubt we'll be meeting up - so I will have to confirm nearer the time if that's OK? I am going away on Sunday 4th for a couple of days - I can't wait!!

Have you decided what your going to wear to the wedding? Have you bought something new?

Oh, you have got your 12 week scan soon haven't you? Hope it goes well. x

littleredcorvette28 Fri 26-Mar-10 07:37:09

That's fine, just let me know when you know! My number is 0788 423 3059 so just give me a text.

I haven't bought anything new for the wedding, have got a couple of options so I will experiment tonight. I can't face going to the shops yet; too depressing!

Not got the scan date yet but got my "booking appointment" on Monday so will find out then.
When did you tell everyone?

Poll32 Sat 27-Mar-10 16:53:41

I told my close friends quite early on as my pregnancy was unplanned and I knew I would need their support. I told a couple of colleagues and my line manager from the near the start too, but apart from them I didn't tell anyone else (obviously I told my family and the baby's father). Everyone else is now working it out or have already worked it out - some things are impossible to hide!!!

I put off buying maternity clothes, but in the end I had too - nothing fits!! Dorothy Perkins and New Look are reasonable as is Asda. Hennes is too expensive in my opinion for something you won't wear for a long time!

Silly question, but what is your name? I can't call you littleredcorvette28! My name is Elinor

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