Hello, mums in Harrow Weald needed

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agako14 Mon 12-Oct-09 22:19:39

Hello everybody, I'm a new mum who just moved to Harrow Weald area. i've got 5months old girl and I would like to meet up with mums in the area, go for a cup of coffee or a walk together(more healthier option. Please e-mail me (agako14@hotmail.com) or text(07894665466) if you would like to join me. Looking forward to meet you. C u

lecohen Thu 07-Jan-10 22:51:03

Hiya, I am not far from Harrow Weald - Just off Clamp Hill :-)

karibuchum Thu 23-Feb-12 15:10:21

Please let me know if you are all still in harrow weald area. |Would be nice to meet up

MarzenaS Fri 20-Apr-12 14:53:17

I live in Harrow Weald too. I have 5mo girl. I am happy to meet other mums whos babies are at the similar age to my daughter. If you still happy to meet let me know.

dorkab Mon 11-Jun-12 15:59:13

Hi, I live in Sudbury Towna and I am first time mum of 3month old girl. As the weather is so awful and not that much is going on around my area I would love to meet other mums for a cup of coffee and chat. MarzenaS do you fancy meeting for a cup of coffee somewhere? are you Polish as your name sounds very familiar to mesmile

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