Preparation for School in September 2009

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saintpeta Mon 31-Aug-09 21:52:56

My son is starting in reception too I try and do 5-10 mins a day of practising writng/overwriting letters, numbers, words. I read to him every night and I point his fingers to some simple words. In reception I would say 80% all about learning through play and 20% structure so keep doing what you're doing, work at your childs pace I do think though its important to do a bit each day even if its 5 mins.

Kdenci Mon 27-Apr-09 17:48:10

Hi Ladies,

My son will be starting school in September and I am worried that he will find it difficult to sit through 'structured' lessons.

He as attended nursery since the age of one, so is used to being with other children. But the transistion from a 'play' environment to a 'structured learning' environment is something which bugs me!

I sit down with him regularly and work though workbooks (e.g. numbers, letters, etc). I plan to make this more regular with set times. But juggling work and home can be difficult too. I wonder if once a week is just not enough to sit with him.

Are you doing this?

Any tips?


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