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Kdenci Mon 27-Apr-09 17:26:53

Hi Minal,

I'm new to MN and have been sifting through all these great topics...

I too have a 4 year old son who starts school in September. The difference for me is - I will be on matrenity leave at about the same time - so will not have to worry about collectng him as I will be able to wink.

I live in the Rayners Lane area too. What school did your son get into?


min1978 Wed 11-Mar-09 08:17:48

hi, I have a son who will start school in September in Stanmore. I a currently on maternity leave after hvaing another son at the beginning of January and plan to go back to work in September also.

I wondered if anyone knows of someone who would collect my 4 year old from school and drop him of at his grans house in Rayners Lane!!

hope someone can help, otherwise i will be stuck!!

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