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rallychick Thu 22-Nov-07 22:17:40

Can anyone recommend lessons in the Harrow area. I live near Rayners Lane.

sherbert Sat 08-Mar-08 19:56:58

Hi, I take my DS 6 to Harrow Leisure center. They have swimming lessons most days. Call the center to find out when the next enrollment date is.

Carolynp Sun 16-Mar-08 12:53:36

Hi I am looking for a nanny/or nannyshare for my two children 3 days per week mon- wed. I have 2 happy children, a girl 10 months and a boy 3 years who attends nursery in the mornings. We live in North Harrow. Please contact Carolyn if you are interested: carolyn.potts@gmail.com or 07733331225.

Kdenci Mon 27-Apr-09 17:38:44

Hi RallyChick...

In September my now 4 year old DS went to AquaStyle in Bushey, which was alright. The pool was a hydrotheraphy, small and really warm.

Yesterday I enrolled him in the John Lyon Swim School as 1. It's closer, 2. The pool is biiger, and 3. Sessions appear more structured.

The term has begun for most - so get onto it this week and your son/daughter would have only missed 1 session.

Going around and watching sessions before making your decision would be helpful. Try google the following;

SplashTime, John Lyon and Swim Time.

Good luck! HTH smile


Sobha Mon 18-Oct-10 17:02:16

heard also aquastyle is good, also canons sports centre, and aspire

Grab Wed 20-Oct-10 10:29:32

I work for a local charity 'Special Connection'. We need to find someone who could work a few hours a week. The charity works in many of the local schools providing drama workshops where mainstream and special needs pupils can work together. The job involves helping to apply for grants to fund the work the charity does. The hours are totally flexible and the work can be done from home.
for more info.

Powellm Tue 27-Mar-12 17:51:15

Sport Academies are running at Harrow School. You could check if their sport camp runs swimming! E-mail info@sportacademies.com

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