Pinner schools.need help in the admission process

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kirin79 Sat 20-Jun-15 18:51:52

Hello Mums! I just moved to eastcote and want to know how to apply to schools in the harrow borough as I'm on the Hillingdon side of pinner HA5.
its late i know but we just moved daughter is finishing yr 3.on a website it shows that coteford infant school is near by and cannon lane and others.could i apply for cannonlane, westlodge? and which are other real good primaries?is coteford junior school really good?i really want a very good school for her . She is 8. Will be in yr 4 in September. What's the waiting time like? Can i reject a school they give if i dont want it and wait for her turn to come if I'm put on a waiting list?
Sorry for the typos. Its difficult on a mobile.

Paddington68 Mon 22-Jun-15 08:10:20

As you are doing an in-year admission you can apply to them all. Ring them and see if any of them have vacancies. Also Holy Trinity School in Northwood is very good, if you are happy with a faith school.
Take a look at school newsletters, websites etc etc to see what they are doing, and go and visit.

kirin79 Mon 22-Jun-15 20:24:41

Thanks paddington.that in year tip is most crucial to me as we are moving at such an odd month left of school. So wasnt sure what to do.
but do i apply to harrow schools through harrow in year transfer form or add the all my school choices including the harrow school choices in the hillingdon borough in year transfer for?
Thanks again.appreciate your tips

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