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sfernandes Tue 11-Mar-14 15:26:50

Dear Mums and Dads,

A volunteer teacher/parent group is currently establishing the Harrow Bilingual Primary School, a Christian ethos bilingual primary free school in Harrow, North West London, with planned opening in September 2015. It will aim to offer its pupils high quality bilingual education modelled on the European Schools Curriculum (which has been used in schools across Europe since 1953), and the UK National Curriculum. The school will be free to attend and is part of the Free School government initiative.

Its initial intake will be children born after 1st September 2009 (year 1 entry) and before 1st September 2011 (reception class).

Lessons at Harrow Bilingual Primary School will be taught in two languages - English and another modern language chosen from French, German or Spanish (the two specific foreign languages to be taught at the school are currently being determined through a parent consultation via our survey which ends 21st of March). There will be two classes per year, with a different foreign language taught in each class (for instance, one class will be taught in English/French, the other in English/Spanish). Once opened, the school will also seek European Schools accreditation.

The school's aim is to provide children with the best in bilingual education using immersion teaching approaches which have been used in the network of European Schools over the last 60 years. In keeping with this approach there will also be an emphasis on mathematics and a focus on the development of children's other interests, including music, art and sport. Parents will also be encouraged to be involved in their children's education through cultural events and after school beginners language courses for parents so they can engage with their children in another language.

Parents interested in learning more about the school are encouraged to:
- visit our website and sign up to our mailing list:

- "like us on facebook":

- and complete our survey:
To make this school a reality and to determine the languages that are taught, we would like to ask parents of prospective pupils to complete our short survey which can also be found on our website. The language consultation period ends on 21st March 2014 and thereafter we will ask parents to complete the final support survey.
If you have any questions please email
Any volunteers willing to help us to establish their school (e.g. helping to publicise the school by handing out flyers or hosting a coffee morning, website design, primary teaching expertise, accounting, marketing, etc) please email and indicate the area you would like to help in.

Warm regards,

Silke Fernandes, on behalf of the Harrow Bilingual Primary School core team.

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