Northwick Park or Watford General - which is better?

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RobynLou Mon 01-Nov-10 13:10:23

I had DD in august 2007 - after it was revamped and I was told all their problems were behind them...
I'm 6 months pg now, and originally booked in to NWP again because I wanted a homebirth and for that I had to be registered with our nearest hospital, but having had a couple of appointments I decided I just couldn't face having to go there if anything went wrong, I just didn't trust them. I transferred to hillingdon, and it's so so different, I'm so much happier, even though it means a hospital birth. Watford wasn't an option for us because of distance, but I know a number of people who've been there and I've only heard good things.

smellyfeet Sun 31-Oct-10 22:45:58

RobynLou, curious to know how old are your DCs when you went to NPH.

ariane5 Sat 30-Oct-10 13:41:38

i had induction with dd1 and was in labour for 4 days then had em c/s and other 2 were elective.maybe i was lucky but i really found it ok there although ev body else seems to have not had great time there

RobynLou Sat 30-Oct-10 13:06:27

watford without any hesitation. I had DD at NWP and wouldn't wish the experience on my worst enemy.
the only person I know who was happy with NWP had a c/s - maybe their c/s dept is better than the rest of it?!?

I was induced, (I dared ask a doctor if there was any other options, to be told, only if you want to endanger the life of your baby - really sympathetic/caring...) left on a ward with no privacy and only checked on 4 times. DH was thrown out for 3 hours when I was in established labour because I was still on the ward (only one in labour, everyone else being monitored and looking at me in horror) and it wasn't visiting hours.
I was finally taken to the delivery suite 20mins before DD was born.
postnatal was even worse, I was told off for bleeding too much and it getting on the sheets, DD had jaundice, and had to go on the phototherapy machine, it took them half an hour to figure out how to switch it on, and they gave me wrong advice re feeding DD when on it.

When DD was 2 days old I was told that because, at the end of a feed she was dozing off instead of feeding continuously then suddenly stopping, I needed to wake her up. m/w stripped DD, patted her firmly on the cheeks, doused her in water, DD started crying (understandably!) so m/w said, ooooh we've got a willful one here, you need to give her some formula to calm her down then try and feed her again later.

There was one m/w I came across in the 6 days we were there who actually helped, the most helpful, caring person was an irish woman who's job it was to bring round the tea.

I could go on and on.....

go to watford.

ariane5 Sat 30-Oct-10 12:42:33

hello! i had 3 c/s at n park, i found it absolutely fine although people kept telling me it was awful-it really wasnt at all!

all my friends have gone to watford and think its brilliant apparently their birthing centre is lovely and they all said they had really positive experiences there.

Profshopper Sat 30-Oct-10 12:35:54

Hi ladies. my GP has told me I have to decide which hospital to have my baby but as I cant tell people im pregnant I cant ask them which hospital is better! Anyone have any views on either? how was the maternity wing experience for you? thanks a lot for your help. xxx

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