Anyone know Rhodes Avenue school?

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fromheretomaternity Fri 11-Jun-10 12:58:47

We are looking to buy a house somewhere in North London around East Finchley / Muswell Hill, and one of the areas we've been thinking about is Alexandra Park up by Rhodes Avenue school. I've looked up the Ofsted reports which are very good but am trying to get more of an idea of a feel of the school - in particular the ethnic mix (as DS is mixed race), and whether it's as 'snobby' as some of the Muswell Hill schools seem to be eg Tetherdown...?

Going on school tour next week so will get the sales patter but any info from anyone who knows it or has kids there would be great.

mrsbaldwin Fri 11-Jun-10 22:39:45

Good luck with buying an expensive house in the 3 inch catchment...

verytellytubby Tue 06-Jul-10 21:37:23

Unless you buy on Rhodes Avenue you are unlikely to get in. The catchment is tiny.

NL3 Tue 06-Jul-10 21:41:37

If you buy in the Rhodes Avenue catchment the chances are you won't be in the Fortismere catchment for secondary - Coldfall isn't snobby, mind you Tetherdown isn't either.

verytellytubby Tue 06-Jul-10 21:51:24

Coldfall is great. My DC are there. It's a really fantastic school with a good mix.

dovbaer Thu 04-Apr-13 00:34:36

I don't know whether you're still checking this website, nor do I know whether you have any interest in replying to my message. I have to tell you that I went to Rhodes Avenue school, believe it or not, in 1930. The school was brand-new then, shiny hardwood floors, "Please do not walk on the grass" quadrangle, baby class to class VI, and a small grove of horse chestnut trees at the entrance from Albert Road. I went on to have an interesting career – actuary, radio engineer, naval officer, psychologist, University Prof., and now I'm a retired nonagenarian.

In my days, both slow kids and smart kids got special attention.

If your two kids eventually went to school at Rhodes Avenue, tell me if you're pleased you enrolled them there.


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