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JudeN17 Tue 29-Sep-09 15:07:54

I am planning a home birth with the Whittington team EDD 25/01/10. We are currently debating whether to get a doula or not (I know, I know time is running out to book a good doula blush) as my DP doesn't want to turn proceedings into a circus. Has anybody got experience with the Whittington or home births - and will a doula really enhance my home birth? Any great doula recommendations would be appreciated too

Tambajam Wed 07-Oct-09 11:48:34

I had a FANTASTIC homebirth with the Whittington team. They are marvellous and every woman in the UK should have such an opportunity. Just incredible.
I didn't have a doula but if it was my first birth I think I might have considered it.

Without a doula it was certainly no circus! You have 2 midwives at delivery anyway but a doula provides a range of services not just there for birth. Do you have any family support nearby?

MarsLady Fri 23-Oct-09 00:51:02

Doula UK. You would need to look into it sooner rather than later as Doulas can get booked up very quickly. smile

Having a Doula won't make it into a circus. Hopefully she'll keep things nice and calm for you.

mrsbaldwin Fri 23-Oct-09 15:09:26

I had my DS at the Whittington. I thought my team of midwives (Woodside) were absolutely great and, had I had a home birth, would have been delighted to have any of them there.

I used a doula, who came with me to the hospital, to the birth, and for a couple of hours a day for a couple of weeks postnatally.

Much as I don't want to diss the doula, I don't think I'd use one again for a hopsital birth - the hospital staff plus my DH were more than enough. I found her services more useful postnatally than on the big day itself.

However - and this is a big however - a doula may be more useful at a home birth, particularly if the midwives can't get there quick and you want someone with you.

MarsLady is possibly too modest to tell you that she herself is a doula and very highly regarded in Haringey area.


josx Fri 30-Oct-09 16:10:44

Hi JudeN17!
I had a homebirth with my second baby 3m ago under care of Whittington homebirth team of midwifes. You will be generally cared for by one of the midwifes but any one of five in team may be present on the big day - you can get to know them all on their coffee mornings in Finsbury Park park cafe on Wednesdays 1-1pm.
They were all great and the one that happen to be at my birth was fab, i couldn't have wished for a better midwife! No interventions, no necessary checks and prodding...
I also had a birth doula and was the best thing i did! She kept me calm trough my very speedy birth and stayed with us for few hours after midwifes had gone, made us some dinner and cleft house spotless etc.
If you want more info feel free to contact me.

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