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fizzyone Wed 09-Sep-09 17:07:51

Hi Haringey mums

Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for childminders in the N17/N15 area? I'm looking for someone for 2-3 days a week from January 2010 for my daughter who will be a year old in Feb.

Also does anyone know how the 'watch this thread' function works on here?! I've tried it but realise that I'm not being notified when people respond (and so have rudely not been responding to them) can anyone help? Or do I just have to keep checking back?

Thanks in advance

elkiedee Wed 09-Sep-09 18:02:03

I'd recommend my CM but can't because she won't have spaces - my DS2 is starting there next month and is only a few days older than your DD, and she also has 2 other under 5s and 2 before/after school.

I'd suggest looking at the Childcare Information Service website and emailing them to get a copy of their printed list which may have more information which isn't available online. There's an area of the forums here where you can ask questions of childminders and other parents whose kids are with CMs.

Some of the children's centres near here have CM drop ins where parents can meet CMs and see them with the kids they look after. I think they have them at Woodlands and the Triangle, among others. Some CMs also bring kids to stay and play and activity groups.

You can click on "threads I'm watching" from the menu at the top in the same way as choosing "threads I'm on", "threads I startted" etc. So yes you have to keep checking back but there are shortcuts to doing so.

fizzyone Mon 14-Sep-09 21:00:41

thanks elkiedee, that's useful to know

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