Muswell Hill green space under threat. Please help!

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Tambajam Sat 18-Jul-09 07:19:12

Running between Tetherdown Primary school and the Thames water reservoir is a green corridor rich in wildlife and allotments. Thames Water are going to sell this area off and are claiming it has the space for 20 houses and 30 flats (they have attached architect's drawings to the marketing materials). Haringey do acknowledge the value of the allotments and open land but the space does NOT have protection from development.
If this was to go ahead it would further reduce allotments in the area when they are already massively in demand, kill countless trees and wildlife on the meadow at the Southern edge, reduce the catchment area for Tetherdown Primary school and increase traffic in an area near 3 schools.
The website is up and in development. You can visit to sign a petition and ask Haringey to stand firm.

Please take the time to save this precious piece of green space. It would only take a few moments.

oopsagain Sat 18-Jul-09 08:09:05

can you do a link to a petition and a map?
is there a petition?
oh, i'll find a link to the petition to prevent a lap dancing club in crouch end if you'd sign that for us down the hill! thanks.!

Tambajam Sat 18-Jul-09 18:16:58

Petition isn't online yet. I will come back and post here once their site is a bit more developed.

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