Stroud Green with a toddler

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sleeepless Tue 14-Jul-09 19:40:17

Hi, we're (almost certainly) heading back to north London after a less than successful move away (long story!). I think we're going to rent in Stroud Green initially, an area I know really well from pre-child days, and just wanted some views on what it's like with little ones. Are there any SG locals out there? Thanks v much

stroudgreenie Thu 16-Jul-09 22:44:30

Hi Sleeepless

Sounds like a good move.

I live in Stroud Green and have a one year old, and I think it's fab. You have two great parks right on your doorstep- Finsbury Park hugely done-up nowadays with sand pit, playground, ducks and a free indoor drop-in (Jamboree- currently shut with leccy problems but we'll draw a veil over that for a minute). Also Stationers Park has a good playground if you are over that way. Then you have easy access by bus or hike over the hill to all the joys of Crouch End which is bustling with toddler groups and drop-ins and music groups and swimming pool, as well as Priory Park with its paddling pool, playground, singing groups etc. And across to Highgate, again for music groups in Waterlow Park, more ducks (you are spotting a theme here) etc. Also plenty of children's centres within easy reach, with lots of activities. And there is Stroud Green library- that I am very fond of - and that is stuffed with In the Night Garden DVDs and just took delivery of a new wooden kitchen set that my toddler adores. smile

And- you will know this already of course- transport into central London second to none.

Maybe I should add that I am the local NCT volunteer contact person (not paid, I have another job!) and there are 115 local parents/ parents-to-be here meeting up, with a thriving scene of teas, picnics, pub meet-ups, book group, etc. Would be pleased to welcome you, tell you more...

Let me know if I can help in other ways.I am intrigued by your "less than successful" move away, but won't ask...!

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