Stroud Green Primary

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gatheringstones Thu 07-May-09 17:54:17

Does anyone have experience of Stroud Green primary school?
I have heard mixed things about it and the ofsted isn't great compared to Coleridge, St Aidens and St Peters. We are trying to chose a school for dd1 but we are outside just about all the catchment areas for the 'better' schools (and aren't catholic so don't qualify for st peters) but SG is undersubscribed so it might be hobsons choice.
Does anyone have recent or current experience - good or bad?!

sleeepless Sun 12-Jul-09 12:13:49

Hi, friends of ours sent both their children there (one is now 12, one is 6 and still there) and they (the children and the parents) seem really happy with it. In fact they're now moving to Muswell Hill but keeping the 6 year old at SG. They are lovely children, which always seems like a good advert for a school, and the little boy learned to play the violin there. It sounds as though it's quite mixed in terms of ethnic background and ability but that the school tries to cater for everyone. Not sure if that's any help. It may have changed since the Ofsted report? Let us know how you get on

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