Know any children's classes in Muswell Hill or East Finchley?

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alisonandrews Wed 29-Aug-07 11:51:17


I am looking for a regular class in the Muswell Hill or East Finchley area which is suitable for both my girls (ages 17 months and 3 years). I dont mind if it is music, singing, art, physical activity etc etc but it needs to be on a Monday and Tuesday. I have found a few classes online but they are either aimed at my youngest, in which case my older daughter gets bored, or are aimed at my eldest, in which case my youngest cannot sit still and wait quietly.

I would also prefer drop-in classes rather than signing up for a term as we cant guarentee to always be around.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


elkiedee Wed 29-Aug-07 12:01:11

There are various sessions of a dropin sort, mainly around singing some songs and messy play eg painting and drawing that I know about run in Haringey libraries and Children's Centres. I watched the last bit of one in St Ann's library and there were lots of kids between about 1 and 4 there - my baby's still a little bit young but I will go back in a few months. The ones I know of are in the east of the borough as that's where I live, but there must be some over your way as well.

Try or to see what they have on in libraries and or Children's Centres.

Out of your area but on the 144 bus route or with parking reserved for centre users, the Burghley Road Under 5s Centre near Turnpike Lane tube might be worth a try on Tuesdays - Monday is Jolly Babies which is 0-2 so wouldn't work for your older daughter.

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