SCREAM I'm the first one here! Let's do a vote on the best local cafes/restaurants!

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LordVenger Thu 07-Jun-07 13:12:59

I'm voting for Monkey Nuts in Crouch End. They give the kids a free plastic monkey. If only everywhere else did. They love those farking monkeys.

northlondonmum Fri 15-Jun-07 14:16:23

La Porchetta in Stroud Green, they don't seem to care how much mess they make, give them some dough to play with, and the food is good and reasonable.

elkiedee Sat 16-Jun-07 12:09:01

Anyone here in the east of the borough? I've been introduced to Cafe Lemon on Grand Parade, Green Lanes, just south of St Ann's Road, which hosts a crowd of very young babies and their mums regularly on Thursday lunch times (and apparently other occasions as well). It's non smoking.

Cafe Solo in Crouch End is also non smoking and quite baby friendly on my experience (baby's only 6 weeks old).

julesfrenchie Fri 22-Jun-07 20:36:39

Hi there,

Cafe Nero in the wood green high street is pretty quiet during the day and you can watch the world go by if you manage to snatch the little table by the window. I think the turnpike lane/wood green area is really lacking in baby friendly cafes and restaurants...

Mind you, may be that's a blessing in disguise, given that I already spend so much money going for little walks around the shops .

Elkiedee, our babies are about the same age (nearly eight weeks for mine) - it's my first. Have you tried any of the baby activities? Went to the White Hart Lane Children's Centre - friendly place...

elkiedee Tue 26-Jun-07 12:46:39

jules, I've been to a breastfeeding support group at the Woodlands Park Children's Centre where people still turn up whose babies have grown into toddlers etc. Regularly on Thursday mornings at a centre on Woodlands Park Road - near the St Ann's end but it sounds like you're not very far from me - I'm in Tottenham but only about 20 mins walk from Turnpike Lane tube (5 mins bus journey but walking is often easier with a big pram).

My two visits to Cafe Lemon were after the group, about 12.30 or so. It's about 20 mins walk south of Turnpike Lane tube, maybe a bit less, or a short hop by bus.

elkiedee Tue 28-Aug-07 10:48:08

I visited Finsbury Park and the cafe there - near to the Green Lanes and Endymion Road end (north east end of the park) - yesterday. I thought it was quite baby friendly and good for meeting up in uncertain weather - lots of park if it's nice but a very spacious cafe if not, plenty of room for several people with buggies - some cafes would be a problem with more than one or two.

MarsLady Tue 04-Sep-07 19:10:18

I love Monkey Nuts and Banners.

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