Ashmount Primary School

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Daisyhannah Wed 22-Mar-17 19:52:22

Hi all,

This is the first time posting on mumsnet so apologies if ive done something incorrect! Id love to know anyones experience of Ashmount primary school. All the info I can find are from posts a long time ago. Id also love to know experiences of the nursery at Ashmount as well as the school.


kcn19 Tue 28-Mar-17 16:13:38

Ashmount is a happy community school with some great teachers, very active and involved parents and lots of aspiration for the kids- lovely building over the Parkland walk and lots of great clubs and facilities.

tabbymother Fri 14-Apr-17 12:21:46

We have two DCs at Ashmount and are very happy with the school. It's got a fantastic site and great building, the children are happy (which is THE most important thing - unhappy children do not learn) and the teaching is strong. We have had some tricky issues recently and the school has been great.

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