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littledaisy85 Mon 11-Apr-16 15:38:06

Hi all,

I am new to the site and hopefully the collective wisdom of local MNs can help me solve my big dilemma. DD is due to start reception next year and we are very undecided about the school choice. Our current preference is to go with our local school (Rhodes Avenue Primary School). However, what we are unsure about is that despite the great reputation and KS2 results, how successful it is actually in getting their students into highly selective grammar schools and London day school? Although it is obviously too early to tell, this is ideally the route that we would like our DD to follow if she proves to be bright enough. I’ve tried to call up the school but they have been unhelpful so far in providing me with any Y6 leavers destination information which is bizarre coz I always think this information is something that should be readily available…

Anyway I would like to hear your views on if Rhodes Avenue is the right choice if we set our eyes on selective grammar school/London day school at 11+? What’s their success rate in this regard? Or are we advised to switch to prep school at 7+ or go straight private from 4+? Just to be clear although we can just about to afford it, going down the private route at either at 4+ or 7+ would be a big financial burden that requires a lot of cut back and sacrifices…and we do like the fact that DD can just walk to school and have lots of local little friends. So if with some extra help at home and maybe through some tutoring a reasonably bright and academic kid stands a chance to progress to the likes of Henrietta Barnett or North London colligate at 11+, we would be more than happy to send DD to Rhodes Avenue.

I would also appreciate if you can share your views/ information re. leavers destination of other outstanding local primary schools in Muswell Hill area (Muswell Hill, Tetherdown, Coldfall).

Thanks a lot!

Vickster99 Mon 18-Apr-16 12:44:54

I don't know the answer to your question but I would recommend posting on the main mumsnet primary education thread. For some reason there seems to be a lot more info about Haringey primaries there than here.

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