Help! Any good private primary schools in Haringey?

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sallysallyn Mon 21-Mar-16 09:19:05

Am starting to look at primary school options for our son, currently only 2 but want to understand options and get on waiting lists. He'll start reception in Sept 2018 (aged 4, turning 5 that school year is that right?)
Any advice on good private primary schools in area would be appreciated. We live in bit of black hole for schools (West Green, by Downhills Park) too far from Chestnuts or Belmont and other locals seem to be awful.
Happy to travel to get to the right place. Applying to Highgate pre-prep currently but any other suggestions or guidance most appreciated! May already be too late for some waiting lists - just found Highgate in time for his 3+ entry.
Thank you xx

greenfeltrabbit Tue 26-Jul-16 23:33:30

I have friends with at Harris Academy who seem to think it's pretty good. Have you visited? Belmont is lovely but my DC are at another school which is also great.
I know you didn't ask for advice on local council in schools but I do think it is worth having look closer to the time.
I was very concerned when my DC were small but actually once I had built up an excellent network and talked to parents at various schools my view changed somewhat.
Good luck

redfoxbluefox Wed 27-Jul-16 05:53:11

I live in this area too. Highgate is probably the nearest independent primary. I don't know anyone in the east of Haringey who sends their child to a private school though, although I'm sure that some people do.

My children go to a local school at which they're very happy and doing very well. I expect it's one of the ones that you describe as dire.

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