Advice from parents at Highgate Primary School/St Michaels Highgate

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squiffymum Thu 19-Nov-15 13:37:50

Hi there. Just another confused parent here facing the primary admissions minefield for the first time!
My husband and I have visited our two nearest schools - Highgate Primary and St Michaels - and can't decide based on those visits which is better.
Can anyone (particularly with children at either school) provide feedback? We would really appreciate your help as it feels like such a big decision.
Our biggest priority is quality of teaching followed by a happy, secure environment.
Thank you.

notinpressed Mon 23-Nov-15 12:19:47

I would like to take about Rhodes Avenue Primary school and their Nursery.

And how they are trying to push any child with a social or learning difficulty out of the school.

i have been doing some independent research.
talking and visiting lots of out reach project within Haringey over the past 4 months, also talking to parents who have had no choice but to remove their children from the toxic attitude towards any child that does not conform to the so called norm.

Inclusion is not an option for many children who have any social challenges, or sensory challenges.

The Seco and Nursery management are ill fit or have no empathy for the the child that is begging to be helped and included.

Pressurizing parents,bulling parents with child/ren who may have or need additional help.

pushing them out of the Nursery before they think or apply for places within the main school reception classes.
Telling children if they do not conform they will not be welcome at their/Rhodes Avenue School.
How do you tell a 4 year old as a teacher in Nursery that hey are not welcome and say this to a parent who is just starting out with no previous experience about sensory challenges and the impact it has on social behavior and just trying to sit still on the carpet when they are board tied and stressed.

No theses children a left in a corner of the classes or pushed out into the cold alone again.

Nursery is not about crowd control it is about playing and observing to find out weather a child needs additional help or may need addditional help in the future.

These children are not having their needs met.some parents i have noticed like that the school does this as we have met quite a lot of forthright parents that say we are a top school and don't want children that may fail or struggle here.because that will bring down house prices ect .

what make me laugh is their children are no smarter the children in other near by primary school. just that they have more money to buy house at the crazy prices that are being asked for around Rhodes.

Also taking into account that these parent have outside tutors for their children which does not say much at all about the school if you still feel the need to tutor your child a child with no Challenges.

Theses parents send their children to these schools state schools for every child and want to act like these schools are private schools.

pushing what they perceive as children beneath theirs.

Facts are a lot of these children with social challenges have a much higher IQ than a lot of these parent think or want to acknowledge because then they would have to face up to the fact that they themselves are helping to discriminate and are in turn teaching their children to discriminate against children that are different teaching them how to bully and isolate.

To think in todays world we still think that it's ok to do this .

Funny thing is Rhodes Nursery still take the funding for these children even though theses children are not being included ,limiting how much time these children are in the nursery,

To think we are paying 50% taxes and are not welcome at our local primary school.

Teling parents not to bring their child/ren into school if anyone or thing that may show them up for the unjust human being that they are.

yet they want you to stand hand in hand with them on the picket lines.
Teaching is a vocation not a job like a Dr,nurses.police,paramedic ect.

Its teachers and parents like these that make you think about leaving your own country and taxing your 50% taxes else wear.

To think we as a family do so much for our community in Haringey raising funds,voluntary work rest bite work for others ect.

Our child is reading at 4 years old has been writing his own name ect since 2 years old and that's not with tutoring,does not need any help with dressing zips,laces ,Counts and recognizes numbers up to 100

Just a little compassion and understanding is just to much for Rhodes Primary and these so called parents.

So i say to these PARENT'S same on you for letting this happen in your community school every child has something to bring to the table and teaching your children to think being different is a bad thing.

Next time you go to the school gate show some decorum say hello to the new parent to the school .say thank you when some one holds the door open for you ,don't gossip near a child within the same classes.

NO ONE IS PERFECT and that goes for my child and yours.

So have a nice time at your fake Christmas drinks party at Owen's.
Christmas is about Love, giving,compassion ,understanding.

I'am a true believer in karma,and try to see the good in a ,but for the first time in our lives it's not so easy Thanks Rhodes for all that you have shown us.

I would not wish this on any parents.

I look forward to all the responses to this monologue.

All the parents screaming ,how dare you say this about our school well the true hurt's and all the screaming is not going to change the facts

Children in need has come to a close and don't you all feel proud but there are children also in need standing next to you at the school gate.

If i thought it would help i would buy every parent in Rhodes school including the SECO teacher this book.


Which is helpful to all not just the child with additional social needs.

Take notes we all need a hand at some stage in our lives to think of others it could one day be you or your child .sorry I forgot this does not happen to Children at Rhodes your all so very Perfect,

Happy Holidays .

notinpressed Mon 23-Nov-15 12:22:32


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