Looking for a local private occupational therapist

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rocket3 Thu 24-Sep-15 13:35:47

We are looking for some occupational therapy sessions for DD who is 20 months old and has cerebral palsy - can anyone recommend a local one? Not having much luck with our NHS one who is very nice but has been off long term sick, so we're looking for a private one.

whosforacuppa Wed 30-Sep-15 13:45:58

Hi Rocket3, have you tried these guys www.theotpractice.co.uk/paediatrics.


rocket3 Wed 07-Oct-15 14:48:54

Thanks very much! I did see them online but there was so much choice I didn't know who to go for. Do you have any experience of them yourself?

rocket3 Tue 08-Dec-15 13:23:00

Hello, this is a long time after my first post but I just wanted to say thanks, whosforacuppa - and in case useful to anyone else, we got Nikki Queton from the OT Practice and she was excellent! Just had the first assessment with her last week. She was extremely knowledgeable and experienced and helped us a lot already suggesting activities we can do with DD. Also I really liked the way she interacted with her. I expected a private therapist to recommend lots of expensive extra sessions with them, but she actually told us that DD is doing well at the moment and that we don't need any sessions yet - just check ups till she's a bit older. I thought that was really very nice - since there's no financial incentive for her!

We had tried a couple of other places previously which I was less sure about. The Bobath centre in Finchley is meant to be very good - we went there for an open day but I wasn't particularly impressed with the therapist we met. She tried to make DD do quite difficult things that she can't do so she got frustrated. She seemed puzzled if DD wasn't willing to go along with an activity she wanted her to do - also they commented on her being 'loud' - not things that are unusual for a 1 year old! Whereas with NHS therapists and Nikki they are very skilled at just running with whatever toys/activity DD was interested in and working the therapy into that.

We also got a recommendation elsewhere for Kiki's children's clinic in Clapham, meant to be good though a bit far for us.

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