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Lololala82 Sun 26-Jul-15 09:02:55

My son is 10 weeks old and I am looking for a nursery for him to start at full time from September 2016. I looked at Asquith in Finsbury Park which I thought was a bit gloomy and depressing (it was a really dark and rainy day when I looked round) and seemed like just somewhere to park your children while you're at work e.g. the baby/toddler rooms seemed a bit like prisons and at nap time there were so many children on mats it reminded me of pilgrims sleeping on a ship bound for Mecca. The manager was nice though and knew all the children's names. I also looked at Lea Petites Etoiles in Tufnell Park which is bilingual (French and English) which was small and seemed lovely (they had a cheese course at lunch!). But I think there will be a really long waiting list and they only had 8 baby places. I am also looking at Bright Horizons and Active Day Nursery in Crouch End. Active got in trouble with Ofsted last year (they sent a child home with the wrong granny) but I imagine that previous failings will have been sorted out.

Does anyone know anything about any of these nurseries? Or of one I should be looking at in the area? Thanks

Cariad76 Tue 04-Aug-15 13:44:49

I looked at a few nurseries in Crouch End for my DS. There's Keiki Daycare, which is up towards Hornsey station and is lovely. Only reason I didn't choose it was because its the wrong end of Crouch End for me and shuts at 5.45pm. I also looked at the MTO Nursery on Edison Road, which has now moved to a bigger site next to the yoga studio on Coleridge Road. That was nice too, but also slightly out of the way for me and at the time didn't include meals in their fees.

In the end I sent DS to the Hornsey Day Nursery which is on Hornsey Road, as its on my way in to work. DS has been there a few months and is very happy. He is at the under 2s site and they've opened at separate over 2s nursery next to the garage on Hornsey Rise.

September 2016 is ages away though, so I wouldn't get too stressed out about it. I'd heard stories about year long waiting lists etc too but in the end most of the nurseries I looked at didn't have any waiting list.

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