Urgent - gym squad trials HARINGEY CLUB WED 15TH - could anyone swap a slot on 15th for a slot on 22nd?!

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tabbymother Mon 13-Jul-15 14:34:02


I have failed to sign my very keen DD to the gym squad trials on Wednesday (15th July) because i didn't realise it would be so popular it would sell out.

she'll be gutted - she's wanted to do it since she did a week-long club there in the holidays. and has nagged me ever since but i'm so rubbish i didn't get round to it.

I booked her into next week's session (wed 22nd 4pm) even though we'll be in Greece (! i hope!) in the hope i can swap with someone who is booked in for this week.

Does anyone have a slot for this week but could do next and is willing to swap?! I am desperate! and would be very very grateful indeed.

if you could help just post here or PM me and i'll get in touch.
it's all booked and paid for the 22nd . . . and club say we can swap as long as i ring them with the details.

yours in desperate hope . . .

tabbymother Tue 14-Jul-15 21:02:05

I'm sorted - phew!


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