The Nursery Montessori in Tetherdown, Muswell Hill - Need to find a goood nursery!!!

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BodinN6 Tue 09-Dec-14 12:12:27

Hi, I am moving back to Highgate after a brief daliance outside London to live in the sticks but we're back!! I have to move my 4 year old son from his beloved Montessori nursery to one in London. Does anyone have any thoughts, opinions or reviews to share on this nursery specifically, or any other in Crouch End, Muswell Hill or Highgate? I can't decide whether to enrol him here as its Montessori and great hours for working mums, or to the Highgate Preschool/Nursery attached to Highgate Primary school - where he'll most likely go from September 2015! The decision is stressing me out!!

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