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Tracybelle Thu 27-Nov-14 10:03:10


Can anyone recommend a hair stylist please, local would be good but I can go into town.

I used to go to Josephine in Elysinan Fields in Crouch End but they have moved and I cannot find where she went. I'd love to go back to her, but realise that's unlikely.

I have shoulder length thick hair. Does anyone know of a haircutter who is good at styling, with good cutting skills?

Thank you..

richteaplease Mon 01-Dec-14 14:22:58

Hi Tracybelle.

How funny (blast from the past) I also used to go to Josephine at Elysian Fields and struggled to find anyone as good for about a year. I now see Marta at MP4 (by the clocktower), she's definitely worth trying.

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