Recommendations for childminder in Wood Green, N22

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Serafina78 Wed 15-Oct-14 21:03:41

Hello, we're looking for a childminder in the Wood Green area for my 15 month old. She hasn't been away from me much and is quite clingy, so we need someone who's really loving - but also smart, lively and energetic enough to distract her! I'm running out of ideas and would be really grateful for any recommendations. We've met some lovely people on The Ladder, but we'd prefer someone within five or ten mins walk of Wood Green tube. Ideally they'd have a garden and at least a 'good' OFSTED. A lot to ask, I know!

Many thanks in advance.

greenfeltrabbit Fri 31-Oct-14 14:20:11

Hello, I'm looking for a childminder in N22 too. Any luck?
I went to the childminder drop in at Noel Park (wed 10-12) and met some nice ones.
I also know Marie Chikri who sadly doesn't work the days I need otherwise she would be my first choice.

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