Childminder available in Wood green

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Nonie70 Fri 10-Oct-14 12:57:10

I am a very proud mother of a wonderful 2 and a half year old boy. Looking after him, I have found that I love the company of children. Their intelligence and honesty inspire me as an adult.
I am passionate about providing fun and educational stimulation for children to realise their extraordinary potential.
As a singer and actress, I will create an environment for children to learn and develop confidence through music, play and creativity. I will also ensure they learn literacy and numeracy through a programme I have used with my own son, He recognised all the alphabet and his numbers (1- 10) from about 20 months and has huge vocabulary and understanding of the use of it. He is of course still learning. Physical activity and development is also important and I will make sure any child in my care will get plenty of fresh air through exploration the local recreation area and playground, as well as social interaction with local drop in centres and activities that are age suitable. All children are individuals, and have individual needs, and all have incredible potential.

I am about to begin my Ofsted approved training for home childcare, but I would like to start childminding as soon as possible. I am happy to provide references from other mothers who know and trust me until I have gained my Ofsted approval.

I live in a large two bed maisonette with my husband and son, with plenty of room for children to have fun.

I'm happy to chat further and meet if suitable. I am hoping to look after 2 children full time or the equivalent in part time hours.

PerpetualStudent Tue 18-Nov-14 16:16:09

Hi Nonie, afraid I'm not looking for a childminder yet (I'm still in 1st trimester!) but was really interested to read your post. I'm doing my doctorate around the role of play and creativity in (older) children's education so your description of your intended approach to childminding really chimed with me.
If you're up for it, it would be great to maybe keep in touch? Apart from anything else I'd be really interested to hear how you marry the requirements of Ofsted with your approach!

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