New 'traffic calming' in Crouch End?

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davidbowieisinside Tue 01-Apr-14 16:47:47

Am I the only one finding the enormous speed bumps through Crouch End completely infuriating? It wasn't that you could ever go through Crouch End fast because there are too many traffic lights/zebra crossings/small children to watch out for. Now, instead of concentrating on said traffic lights/zebra crossings/small children, I only look at the few metres right in front of my car to make sure I'm hitting these enormous jolting humps in the centre of my wheel span so as not to render my car a write-off. What a waste of council money. Traffic calming my arse hmm

whosforacuppa Wed 02-Apr-14 12:39:14

I also fancy a rant about this. My husband nearly came off his bike hitting one. I also don't remember a speed problem before. And... since they change the pavement on the corner of Crescent Road, when it rains the pavement turns into a river.

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