New Arthouse cinema in Crouch End

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davidbowieisinside Tue 25-Mar-14 11:21:28

Think it opened last weekend. Has anyone been yet? What's it like? I was hoping for the £1 Saturday specials that the Picturehouse chain do, but I've just looked on the website and I suppose £4 a ticket isn't too bad.

izzy32 Thu 27-Mar-14 10:18:15

Here's a little bump as I would also like to hear more about the Saturday kids movies..

Anyone know more?

bananacakeplease Wed 02-Apr-14 12:29:48

Would love to know more about the Art House and why its so good. As its cheaper to see movies in Leicester Square!

whosforacuppa Wed 02-Apr-14 12:34:45

I think its good if you are seeing kids show, but for a small screen cinema I'm surprised it £11. Great to have the choice though!

stroudgreener Wed 02-Apr-14 12:39:50

Well, I couldn't see it on the website so I just call them. For adults, it's a tenner M-Th and £11 at the weekend. Last time I went to the West End it was more than that, though it is a hit. Think we'll probably go to the Muppets in the holidays though it'll be £18 to take me and DD1- ouch.

I have been along, and can confirm that only that it's a very beautiful building and smells hugely of wet paint. They were still trying to finish it off even though it was open, so I ambled off.

If you have a wide buggy you'll have problems getting in the side door.

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