Please Help Save Park Road Pool

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Fabienne1 Thu 06-Feb-14 17:45:26


Fabienne1 Thu 06-Feb-14 17:56:49

Please sign the petition to save park road diving pool.

Fusion Lifestyle (who recently took over the management of Park Road Leisure Centre on a 20 year lease) & The London Borough of Haringey have made a decision to permanently remove the diving facilities from Park Road Pool in Crouch End.

There has been no information to the public about this and throughout the public consultation about the improvements to the leisure centre, the community were led to believe that the diving facilities would be retained.

This affects all children & adults who want to dive for fun and confidence building, two diving clubs (my 9 year old son passionate about diving and belongs to one of the clubs).

The petition is going well with almost 900 supporters who would like to save the facilities. Lynne Featherstone (Lib Dem Mp for Hornsey & Wood Green) and David Lammy (Labour MP for Tottenham) are both supporting on board.

But we need more (local) support so we can get the issue into council urgently (as works have commenced) to try to reverse this decision.

So please forward to all your local friends and family.

Thank You!

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